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Teacher’s Kit


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Chipper’s nature-inspired, play-based learning resource and idea book! Whether you are a teacher in a child care, preschool, day camp, elementary school, faith based organization, or a parent who is looking for a few more ideas, this resource book acts as both a guide and a step-by-step plan to easily implement multi-sensory ideas that will excite, engage, and educate your students and children.

The lessons included create a formula that is fun and intuitive for kids to learn. Academics blended with social skills building – and enhanced with play – will reinforce the lessons and build confidence and independence in children. Children are born ready to learn and our goal is to help you create an environment, which engages all senses in a safe and playful way.

Within the book, you will see that all of our fun “Chipper Adventures” are highlighted, with extensions and activities to go with the book series. Then, our “Children’s Discovery” pieces get children and teachers thinking about various nature-related topics. Each topic includes additional resources to complement that subject, such as an art or a craft project, a snack idea of some type, songs and/or poems, and then some useful websites to extend upon the activity. Additionally, you will find Lesson Plans for hands-on learning. Additional lessons are added online frequently!


  • Teacher’s Workbook – 65 pages of STEM correlated lesson plans
  • 25 Helping Hands Posters (24″ x 36″)
  • 25 Helping Hands Post-it Packs (25 post-its per pack)
  • 25 Helping Hands Books (30 page story with “How Can I Help?” Activity Page)
  • Large Chipper Plush for “I’m Chipper for…” moment and subsequent activities (11″ long, 100% polyester)