How it Works

Chipper delivers a box of good – monthly. Items are geared to support the active lifestyles of families but we focus on what brings you together. How about an activity that teaches your child to be a part of your family process?

Get ready – Look forward to products and ideas like:

CFM_How It Works_Parent PamphletChipper Family Moments Playbook – Expert advice and turnkey activities help get you started and provide support to build confidence as a parent.

Helping Hands Poster & Cards – Keep track of the positive things each other do to help you bond as a family daily. Add them to your Helping Hands Tree!

Menus and Mealtime Ideas – Everyone in the kitchen is a good idea when we assign tasks and encourage participation over expectation.

Snap & Groove – Chipper’s dance card is never full so pick a tune and let go. The simple act of turning on music, holding hands, singing and moving at any age encourages togetherness and we’ve got some fun in the box.

Making Change for the Better – Each month receive inspiration to save, support, and maybe even spend a little on each other. Your spare change adds up and Chipper teaches everyone about the importance of giving back … collaboratively!Chipper Family Moments | Cooking with Family | Kids in the Kitchen

Research continues to prove that early emotional connections between children and parents/caregivers helps build confidence which leads to a more emotionally fit child ready to learn and connect in the community.

By creating playful pauses and providing ideas to help navigate through learning moments everyone builds a sense of success – together. Learn more about the importance of building a strong family foundation.