Chipper Family Moments | About Let's Go Chipper


4H LogoChipper Family Moments is an extension of the award-winning Let’s Go Chipper!™ series of products and programs that help families connect through nature-inspired, play-powered activities. The program started in 2007 and is inspired by our founder, Stephanie Rach, and her early childhood experiences in 4-H. Building a strong family foundation helped foster a sense of giving back in the community and world and Ms. Rach-Wilson realized the power of a contributive spirit by watching her mother help families raise confident and giving children.

Chipper Family Moments launches the company’s mission to help families stay connected. It’s easy to start but not finish something and raising children and building family is a daily activity. Our goal is to deliver a monthly reminder and consistent opportunities to keep you connected; while providing parenting tips and tools to empower emotional confidence and independence in kids.

About Chipper Family MomentsWhy focus on family? Because strength of character and emotional confidence begins in the home and it takes practice and support. It takes patience and it takes teamwork. Chipper Family Moments is your family’s playbook for building positive relationships so everyone can go out in the world confidently and with a contributive spirit.

Our hope is when you connect with us you expand your sense of connections with others – from your backyard and community to how you see the world. So stay active as a family, share your moments with our community and get ready to see the difference.